Friday, August 3, 2012

Stay Protected on the Road with Auto Insurance Coverage

Every single state in the U.S. now has some form of mandatory auto insurance legislation. In some states, the law requires drivers to purchase minimum levels of property damage and bodily injury liability. With other states, drivers do not have to purchase insurance coverage as long as they can demonstrate financial responsibility. Regardless of the specifications of the law, the message is clear: drivers need the financial protection of auto insurance. In today’s litigious climate, driving without adequate auto coverage is extraordinarily risky. You could face hefty legal judgments against you after even a minor collision. Without liability protection, your assets would be at stake.
As important as liability protection is, most drivers should not limit their coverage strictly to that arena. A well-rounded policy that includes coverage like comprehensive, collision, and rental reimbursement affords the most financial protection. With full coverage, you protect one of your most valuable assets, your car, while also minimizing your legal liability in the event of an accident.

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