Friday, August 3, 2012

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The weather is warming and homeowners across the country are making their way outdoors. Months of barbecues and backyard hangouts are right around the corner. Here are a few tips for preparing your home and family for a safe spring and summer season:
-1- Inspect decks and porches
In the warmer months there’s no better place to chill out a sip a cool drink than the comfort of a shady porch or deck. However, decks and porches are also a common place for weather damage and potential injuries if not properly maintained. Do a thorough inspection of all your outdoor infrastructure especially checking the areas where your deck comes into contact with your home for water damage. Take a look at the footings and make sure to repair any decayed or rotting boards immediately. Also check the flooring of your deck or porch for mold, moss and mildew and use a power washer to remove any traces you find to prevent slips and falls.
-2- How did your roof fair the winter?
Depending on the amount of snow, hail and wind your home sustained this winter it may be a good time to get up on your house and check the condition of your roof. If you aren’t experienced with this or don’t feel comfortable hire a roof expert to do an inspection. Finding any damage now can prevent a ton of issues down the line.
-3- Gutter cleaning
Clogged or broken gutters can create major problems once spring rains are among us. Gutters can get clogged with leaves and debris over the fall and winter months that can cause water to run back into your home causing ceiling and wall damage (as well as mold!). Clear downspouts and drains and make sure water can flow away from your foundation.
-4- Clear trees and limbs
Tree limbs and branches that are weak or hanging can cause serious damage to your home or your neighbors’ home. Cut down any threatening limbs you can find or hire a landscaper to do a spring cleanup.
-5- Patch walkways
Cracks and damage to pavement, stone and brick in your walkways pose a major slip and fall hazard for your family, guests and even the mailman. Avoid the injuries (and medical bills!) by inspecting the major walkways leading to and around your home. You can buy patching materials from any major home center store to restore asphalt and concrete surfaces.
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